Haly Tower Chooses Ottomatically for Building Automation:

Haly Tower in Lahore has chosen Ottomatically to control lighting in their parking lots, stairways and lobbies. As the energy costs rise, everyone is looking for measures to adopt energy efficiencies in their buildings. We worked closely with their energy management consultant and came up with a solution with 10 months of RoI.

Agri device
Agri device

Bakhabar Selects Otto-Agri:

Bakhabar Kissan is a nationwide farmer advisory service run by Switch Communications of Islamabad. They have selected Otto-Agri after testing the hardware and our dashboard. In addition to this, BKK team is impressed with the availability of APIs for integrating data feed into their systems.

Linked Things becomes the first local company to Deploy Water Meters at Indus River:

The US Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies, a programme funded by the USAID and runs in collaboration with the Mehran University and Sindh Irrigation Department, was looking for on-site water level monitors. Linked Things seized this opportunity and after a little modification of its water level sensors for commercial use, devised a solution for live monitoring of water levels at upstream and downstream of Guddu and Sukkur Barrage. All the units were deployed in one day! Now the irrigation department has access to live data anywhere and an alert service is being built on it.

Water Meter
Water Meter

National Foods Orders Data Center Solution:

Data Center automation is something that Linked Things is becoming a champion of. We have recently been awarded contract to deploy Otto-Data Center at National Foods' corporate office and SITE factory. Both the projects were completed in one day each. We are monitoring their power consumption and managing the environment inside data centers

Thal Engineering Deploys Otto-Data Center:

A DR site is critical and Thal Engineering has chosen Otto-Data Center for managing the operations and sending alerts. A range of sensors such as temperature, motion, smoke, humidity, power and AC control systems are installed there.

Water Meter

Otto-Water deployed at Al-Ghazi Tractors:

Most of Karachi depends on alternate water supply such as tankers. It is a hassle to record quantity of water supplied, measure the consumption and order the water on time. Otto-Water takes care of this hassle ottomatically, our easy to deploy hardware and data analytics on our app shows how much water was supplied by the tanker, how much water is used every day and alerts when water tanker needs to be ordered.